Liverpool Hitachi Home shirt - 1979-82 - How do i wash it?

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Found 23rd Feb 2011
This was a hand me down from my Nan in the early nineties, being a United fan i never wore it. That was until i wore it in 2003 for NY Eve when i wore an over-sized black afro novelty wig and went out as a scouser tash and all!

As a result i got it covered in crap and before that it was mint, i then was told about a month after it would be worth a few quid!

What is the best way to wash this without damaging the vinyl stickers on the front. Should i get it specialist cleaned i.e Dry cleaned?

It 100% nylon and 100% cotton outter ( I assume they mean the cuffs and neck ) Its says hand wash warm but i dont want to risk it!


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The best way to wash it is to give it to me!

40 degrees should be fine no?

burn it :P

EDIT: if it is a family hand me down, shouldn't you keep it to pass it on?

Clean the car with it!

washing machine on 30degrees the most delicate program then dry over a radiator or airer

imo less stressful than handwashing
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Always useful should you run out of toilet roll.

Would imagine it would wash the same as any other shirt. But if you're worried get it dry cleaned so you don't ruin it.

Use it as bog roll and then burn it.

Couldn't you have worn an Everton shirt?

I'd rather die.
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yawn... predictable poor taunts.
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