Liverpool Tickets 1st February

    Hi hukd,
    Doea anyone know where I can get cheap Liverpool Tickets for Liverpool v Chelsea on 1st February?
    Have no idea where to look or how much they will be.
    Any info would be great


    Liverpool/Everton website?

    They play Everton tonight. Chelsea on 1st Feb unless it's been changed


    Original Poster

    Oh yeah, told u i didnt know lol, and there sold out on liverpool site x

    Liverpool play Chelsea on 1st Feb, not Everton

    You talking about the FA Cup match between them???

    Original Poster


    Liverpool play Chelsea on 1st Feb, not Everton

    Yes.... i know....

    So anybody know?

    Original Poster


    You talking about the FA Cup match between them???

    The barclays premier league thing lol x

    There are sometimes some for sale here you will need to register though and they are usually sold for face value.

    You will be lucky to get any cheaper anywhere

    You will not get a cheap ticket for this match. This match was sold to season ticket holders, the PTS card holders, and then went to general sale last week when it sold out in a few hours.

    Liverpool are playing Everton in the FA Cup on Sunday. There are still tickets available for this match, but you need to already have a fan card as they will not sell to fan cards purchased in the last few days to stop touting and rival fan segregration issues. if you have a friend with 2 fan cards, go to [url][/url] and use the cards on the telephone line
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