Liverpool V Chelsea

    Liverpool to win 2-0

    What do you think?


    I think I'll be there and I cant wait, Derby Sq this afternoon (by the queen victoria statue) is supposed to be where all the home fans are meeting! Then onto the ground and be in there for about 7!!

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    Damn you mightyreds :P got a spare ticket by any chance :thumbsup: lol

    lol unfortunately not im afraid, I have seen them being sold by touts for silly money though

    Lots of fakes around the ground tonight, so watch out of you do..........

    3 - 0

    Would put a bet on if it wasnt for this stupid work firewall !!!!

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    I'll be there straight from work. I was at the last European Cup semi final between the two sides a couple years back. You won't be able to hear yourself think if you are there.

    Standing in the Centenary Stand that night (there was no way anyone was going to sit down!) and in the space of 90 minutes I had white nuckles, cramp in both legs, bile, cotton mouth, dizziness, a couple of nervous breakdowns, frustration, relief and maybe a tear or two at the final whistle. Don't you just love it?

    Remember, this is what it's all about;

    The 96 were watching as we walked out in Istanbul,
    And Shanks and Bob and Emlyn, they were looking down as well.
    It seemed to be all over when Milan scored their three goals,
    but someone else was watching and that man was a Pole.

    So the folks up there in heaven were a little bit surprised,
    When Pope John Paul the second appeared right before their eyes.
    He smiled at Shanks and Bob and Em then knelt down and said some prayers
    Then turned back towards the lads and said "I just spoke to Him upstairs.

    He can't do much that's obvious, but he'll see what he can do.
    He thinks it might be better if you played a 3-5-2
    He saw the team was struggling, and that Finnan needed a rest
    But don't you worry lads 'cause now the 'keepers gloves are blessed.
    You see - the lad in nets is one of mine So I put in a request

    "I know I lived in Italy, down in the Vatican
    But I can't quite bring myself to be shouting for Milan
    So the words gone down to Rafa, to do the best he can
    He whispered very quietly he'd do better with Hamman

    He's says you'll be alright from now The game it isn't dead
    And things will soon get better if young Stevie uses his head

    It was Vladi's birthday yesterday and the man owes him some luck
    He'll even do the decent thing and make Milan Baros duck
    We owe Xavi a big favour because of the broken leg
    But he'll need to chase the follow up and score with his left peg

    And then just to make it interesting He's ordered extra time
    And we'll see how good them gloves are when Dudek saves it off the line.
    We've done everything we can to make sure the ball stays out.
    But we cannot interfere with the penalty shoot-out.

    So Shanks, Bob, Emlyn and good ol' Pope John Paul
    Watched the match in wonder and cheered on every goal
    And full time went to extra time with the fans nervously sick
    And they waited until the time came for Serginho's first spot kick.

    Serghino he missed the goal, and Pirlo's shot was saved
    But Didi and Lord Frodsham proved their nerves were not so frayed
    Then Thomason put one in, but Riise missed his shot
    Then Kaka scored, and Smicer scored, the atmosphere was red hot.

    And then almost in slow motion it was time for Shevchenko's chance
    But Dudek had different ideas and did a little dance
    Then waited for a second as the ball came flying in
    Dived to the right and parried it to save it for the win.

    As they look down on all the fans and scenes of wild abandon
    Em turned to old Pope Johnny Paul and put his arm around him
    And said "That was unbelievable, the best game without doubt -
    But I thought you said you wouldn't help with the penalty shoot out?"

    John Paul looked up and smiled and said "Look son, it wasn't me"
    And I wouldn't doubt the word of God in truth and honesty
    So Emlyn he was puzzled as the crowd was going wild
    But in the corner, on their cloud,Shanks and Paisley sat and smiled.

    The moral of the story is that money can't buy success
    And neither can a constant whinge to people in the press
    And writing a team off when the clock reaches half time
    Might just result in something coming out of the divine

    Because Shanks and Paisley knew, as the cup was coming home
    God wears the red of Liverpool and WE'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!

    Liverpool for the win! I'm not a supporter of Liverpool, well I am in a way - thats where all my family are from so I guess they are my second team.

    I'll go 3 -1.

    ill go 1-1

    im hoping about 3-1

    awww im gonna have to support the blues!!!


    awww im gonna have to support the blues!!!

    Don't do it lou :-(


    Don't do it lou :-(

    i have to!


    Come on The Red Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My heart says we will win, my head says Chelski are gonna score and we ain't gonna score 3!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Two of the most boring teams go head-to-head can only end in a 0-0 draw. If one team does score I'd be very surprised.


    Hate chelsea hate liverpool but hate chelsea more so come on liverpool

    why does everyone hate chelsea so much, i remember when united were hated the most followed by liverpool then arsenal but now it seems like chelsea first, man utd, liverpool, arsenal

    :thumbsup: is there footy on tonight
    saw a great game last night dunfermline beat st mirren one nil magic stuff


    c'mon the reds :-D

    Liverpool to win, I'd say...

    Half-Time Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea. The first half starts well. Vibrant passing from both teams ensures a buzzing game. Yet, within the first 10 minutes Cech is stretchered off after a rather random clash with the goalpost. One can only guess that he thought it was a large, white cigarette. After this, the game slows down completely, no real play opening up the chelsea defence nor the liverpool defence. Mourinho & Benitez stand in their respective areas, blaring instructions at their teams.

    Full -Time Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea (Gerrard). A rather slow start to the second half, with possesion clearly being kept. Short passes show that both teams feel the need not to open up to eachother. On 59 minutes, Frank Lampard & John Terrry run into eachother. Both are lying on the floor, and Mourinho's face falls. Two of the best Chelsea's best players. Gone. Tactical replacements mean the team's strength and pace has been reduced somewhat. Then, In the 89th minute, disaster for chelsea. Didier Drogba is being taunted by the Liverpool Fans.

    After a completely fluffed shot, he walks over to the crowd. His face shows anger. One of the Liverpool fans runs onto the pitch streaking. He runs upto Gerrard and gives him what appears to be a blow-up champions league trophy. Drogba runs upto the fan and karate kicks him in the face. The red card that follows ensures he's out of any future activity in the champions league. He storms off the pitch, slapping Mourinho on the way.

    2 mins of extra time are announced. A deep goal kick from Liverpool forces Chelsea into a corner kick. A curling left footer is met at the far post by Dirk Kuyt's head. A perfect hit, into the top right corner of the net. 1-1 - Bring on extra time. The liverpool fans go ballistic, and Gerrard salutes.

    Extra-Time starts slowly, like the second half. Short, sharp passing is clearly boring the fans, yet they know how important it is. The second half of extra time starts slightly late, as the Chelsea team leave the dressing room late. It's still a deadlock after 129 minutes, with 4 minutes extra time announced after Crouch is hit by a birdbox from the Chelsea crowd. In a complete reverse to the second half, Chelsea are awarded a corner in the last minute of normal time. Cole, the substitute goalkeeper, runs up the pitch for a last gasp effort. He seems to be twitching a bit. The inswinger comes in, and cole is there. Yet, he doesn't score. He has the ball on the edge of the box. Bizzarely, he starts to run towards his own goal. On the edge of his box, he smashes the ball. Not to his teamates, but into his own goal. Score? 2-1 Liverpool :w00t:

    At the final whistle, there are no Chelsea fans left. The Liverpool fans are left to celebrate on their own.

    5 minutes after the final whistle, a gunshot is heard. All the floodlights fail. after about 30 seconds, they come back on. A light is shone on one of the executive boxes. Abramovich is slumped in his chair - dead

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    We can only dream...

    Wouldn't be enough unfortunately.

    [SIZE="7"][COLOR="Red"]Come On You Reds!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

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    Get in agger, one more in the secondhalf to win it :thumbsup:

    Come on chelsea!

    OMG this is such a boring game!

    [SIZE="7"][FONT="Arial Black"][COLOR="Red"]YAWN![/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

    [COLOR="Red"][FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"]Our lads will win!!!

    Come on lads - do it for your fans!

    [SIZE="7"][COLOR="Red"]Offside..... WHAT are you playing at you dumb linesman?[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    it was well offside :P cmon chelsea!!!


    it was well offside :P cmon chelsea!!!

    [SIZE="6"]Ahem.... NOOO[/SIZE]

    comon liverpool

    btw- im only saying comon liverpool coz i hate chelsea


    [SIZE=6]Ahem.... NOOO[/SIZE]

    oh yes it was

    [SIZE="7"][CENTER]Penalties Loom....[/CENTER][/SIZE]

    [CENTER][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]Here We Go.... Come On Liverpool[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]


    Come on united Oh wait wrong match - hope we play liverpool though


    [SIZE="7"][COLOR="Red"]yes!!!!! GOODBYE CHELSEA!!![/COLOR][/SIZE]



    Chelsea Got Slaughtered, Liverpool All The Way
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