Liverpool vs Real Madrid Tues 10th March 2009 - Tickets Wanted!!!


    As post title says, I would love 4 Tickets for the home leg of Liverpool vs Real Madrid European Champions League Last 16 2nd Leg Match on Tuesday 10th March 2009.

    I've looked at website and it just says awaiting info, so presume they will go on sale soon. But not sure if i'l have any chance of getting them. Ive been a liverpool supporter all my life and have always wanted to go to Anfield and thought this would be the perfect match to go to.

    Anyone have any ideas if ive got a chance of getting tickets? Or is there anyone that could help me get tickets?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks


    you have no chance at getting the tickets direct from source. To be able to purchase those tickets from the club you will need to have a fancard with all of the champs leagues games on (and they may even want other games on there), the tickets will be at a high demand meaning those who are entitled to them will buy them

    I have a few of the games on my card so im hoping that I qualify

    Your only option is to look on the internet for sites that sell tickets or turning upto Anfield on the night of the game and buying one off a tout but then there is no guarantee that you will get one or that it will be real

    To be honest with you, you are better off trying to get tickets to a less glamarous tie (e.g. Fulham etc) I know its not going to be the best game but demand for tickets is always high


    Your after not one but four (4!) tickets! Sorry, it's just not going to happen!

    Liverpool vs Blackburn/Fulham/Wigan ... bit more of a chance.

    Go away OOT.
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