Livingston outlet vs Gretna

    Hi guys! I recently visited the Gretna outlet for the first time... woah! Blew my mind haha. Loved it. On discovering one a bit closer to home (Livingston) I've made a plan to head down for a weekend for Christmas shopping. Has anyone been to both? Is the livingston one just as good as the Gretna one? Trying to decide if the trip really is worth it or I should suck it up and go all the way back to Gretna again!


    Seriously you thought the Gretna one was good, it about the poorest outlet I have ever been to.

    The Livingston one is miles better, make sure you go across the road as the designer bit is over there, look out for Hot Flame restaurant in there the best food ever and so clean.

    livi all the way .... Gretna is ok ....

    Live near gretna its not patch on livingston. Much more shops.

    Livingston is way way better than Gretna . And its indoors

    But gretna good to find cheaper bride

    As post 1, the Greta is very poor in comparison to the Livingston outlet.

    Gretna is the outlet for outlets. Literally all the crap nobody else wants.

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    Wow! Well I'm clearly very easily please judging by the replies haha! I'm excited by Livingston now.. trip well planned! Thanks guys

    Livingston far better in my opinion as it is next to their city centre and their retail parks. Lot's more shopping places and places to eat. Easy parking and all within quick walking distance.
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