Lloyd Grossman

    On a scale of one to ten-how hard would you like to punch the smug git in the face??

    fluffing hate him and his whiney voice!


    Don't watch him then. :-D

    my rating would have to be 1 as i haven't seen him on TV for about 10 years. lol

    don't mind him to be honest theres alot more people on tv that would get a slap before poor lloyd

    Can I smack him in the face with Anthony Worrall-Thompson?

    Whats taken you so long to want to give him a good slap?
    On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest I would have to do a Spinal Tap and turn it up all the way to 11 :whistling:

    I'd rather slap Davina Mccall. With my fist.
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