Posted 19th Jan 2023
Lloyds Pharmacy is to axe all 237 outlets, inside Sainsbury's Supermarkets by the end of 2023. They say they're closing due to ''marketing conditions''.

  • Pharmacy chain said it has cut services following 'changing market conditions'
  • It's 'exploring options' and will confirm closure plans on 'branch-by-branch' basis
  • LloydsPharmacy didn't disclose how many workers would be affected by closure

Lloyds Pharmacy has said it will pull out of its 237 pharmacy sites within Sainsbury’s supermarkets.

The pharmacy chain said it has cut the services following a strategic review “in response to changing market conditions”.

LloydsPharmacy added that it is “exploring options” for each branch individual and will confirm exact closure plans on a “branch-by-branch” basis but expects to complete the process over the course of 2023.

It stressed that it is working with all colleagues impacted by the announcement but did not disclose how many workers would be affected.

Kevin Birch, chief executive officer of LloydsPharmacy, said: “This decision has not been an easy one and we understand that our patients and customers may have questions about how the change will affect them.

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As soon as there's more information, in regards to when they will close, dates etc, i will update.
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    It’s always seemed weird to me why there was a Lloyds Pharmacy inside of a Sainsburys supermarket when Sainsburys have their own pharmacy chain, one of which even being the outpatient pharmacy at my local hospital.

    You would hope that Sainsburys would just bring the Lloyds pharmacies and staff into their own brand and remain open at the supermarkets but unfortunately it doesn’t sound like this will be the case.
    Sainsbury's don't have their own pharmacy chain. They sold it to Lloyds.
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    so sad to hear, pharmacist are take so much rubbish from patients and never strike for pay..
    They deserve a pay rise if anybody does
    Pharmacies aren’t ran by the NHS. 

    Theyre private enterprises which dispense NHS and private RX’s. 
    They used to get money from the government just to be open but this stopped and the government wanted pharmacies to provide more of a service and take pressure off GP practices. 
    They probably should get more government support but many large chain branches are ran terribly and don’t claim money back for prescriptions when they should. 

    That’s why they provide other services like: flu jabs, medicines use review etc… and get paid for these. 

    unfortunately, in terms of scripts and claiming back many of the large chains don’t claim for all the medication they prescribe under the NHS, and they have a deadline to do this by. If they don’t claim they don’t get paid. 

    So if the the Lloyds staff in sainsburys were to strike they would be striking for more pay off Lloyds, the company who just made them redundant. 
    if it’s not sustainable to keep them on current pay I doubt they would keep the branches open and pay them more money. 

    in all honesty I know of large chains where huge chunks of staff wage budget is made up in paying locum staff. This is an huge industry issue too and puts so much strain on margins. 
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    Every Sainsbury's I've been in with a Lloyds Pharmacy always seems to have a lengthy queue and very friendly staff. I'd love to know what their 'market conditions' are that gets them to close.

    Our local pharmacy isn't a patch on the Sainsbury's one. It's only open a couple of hours each morning and afternoon in the week, only Saturday mornings, and I can't get my weekly shopping when I'm picking up a prescription. OK, that last one isn't the fault of the pharmacy, but it does highlight the benefits of having a pharmacy inside a supermarket.
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    Ours disappeared quietly during Lockdown
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    Sainsburys ran those pharmacies so so well.

    Its another area of the NHS where its so underfunded.

    Pharmacist, use your brain! go on strike, most other unions have eg: teachers, nurses, etc
    Pharmacists are not employed by the NHS. They are either employed by one of the chains, such as Boots, Superdrug and Lloyds or are indepentant running their own business.
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    All pharmacy’s will close, it will all be done by delivery in a few years
    The direction of travel is for pharmacies to do more - vaccinations, consultations and advice on minor ailments.
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    They are really convenient being in store - drop off prescription and collect after shopping.
    Wonder if they can be bundled in with the Argos guys somehow? I don't mean buy a TV and pick up some strong painkillers, I mean like the small row of other branded retailers type you get at the back of the stores?
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    My sainsbury's pharmacy become Lloyd's 2 years ago... What next? Back to sainsbury's pharmacy?
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    This is annoying are Lloyds in Tescos as well ? Time to move to them.
    Our Sainsburys has become cr*p. They shut the Cafe, the deli is hardly ever open and now the pharmacy will close.
    What is going on at Sainsburys ?
    I think the deli counters are being removed at all supermarkets except Morrisons and Waitrose. Many did away with them years and years ago.
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