Lloyds to Halifax bank transfer

    Does anyone know how long they take? As i'm waiting on some funds to go in that were sent last night. Would have thought it would have been immediate seeing as they are the same company :s




    if they were sent after 3pm it goes into the next banking day - Monday as a minimum

    you could still be waiting 3 days - ie wednesday

    BACS = 4 days
    CHAPS = same day

    Unlikely to see before Monday I think.

    Check the sort codes here;…tml

    If they do that you should have it Monday, if not you could be waiting even longer

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    HBOS really do suck then lol.


    smile or co-op to halifax is instant any time of the day incl weekends. Cant see why lloyds takes so long.

    Both banks use the new faster payments system.

    When i transfer from one to the other its there in minutes,

    If its a works pay run etc in will probably be BACS, which is slower.
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