lloyds tsb overdraft online>?

Found 21st Oct 2008
Hi i have a acc with lloyds and inc a over draft,i was wondering if anyone has increased it online>?when done online is it done there and then or do i have to wait a few days for it to take affect>?thanks
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when you apply for a bank account, a "risk assessment" would give a maximum overdraft. let's say in this case, £1000. If you take an overdraft of £600, but later on want to increase it to £800, it should be fine and be applied immediately. Let's say same scenario, but you want to increase to £1200. As this is outside the maximum already pre-allocated, it would probably refer to an underwriter to asses the usage of your account and the initial credit score to see if you are worthy of an increase.

it does this in my bank anyway.
Hey, Mother dearest works for LLoyds TSB - Its run from a secure network separate to that of the main banking - All online banking takes effect immidatly as long as you take precations to make sure that you reach the confirmation screen and you log you account out after use.

Hope it helps

I have increased mine online and it happened instantly.

Since then I cancelled it online and that happened instantly aswell.
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