lmfao, dont know whether to carry on laughing or cry

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Found 21st Jun 2009
my dvd drive thing has just fallen out of my laptop

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usually only held in by a screw at the bottom of laptop

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well theres a fair bit of stuff dropped out with it, so think maybe was bein held in by more than that - lol

You'll have to stick it back in with some chewing gum. :thumbsup:

just plug it back it, if it isn't a screw holding it in it may be a push button release mechanism.

Have you had it long sass?

Either way it shouldn't be too difficult to fix:)

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no it was definatley held in by something and wont stay in now, thankfully the entire laptop is a pile of crap and is about 6 years old, didnt use the drive anyway, good job really - lol


You'll have to stick it back in with some chewing gum. :thumbsup:

What flavour the same has happened to mine.

Blu Tack will do just fine as well:thumbsup:
About this much is enough

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