Loads of 5% discount codes

    Hey guys

    Play are running a student promotion this year giving 5% discount off everything for a year. I've got loads of these codes, so if you want one, just PM me.

    The codes are designed to be individual, so they can only be used by one user. Thats why im not just posting a massive list of codes, as it cant be used by more than one person.

    Let me know if you want some codes


    If you want a code, could you PM me? It makes it easier for me to reply. Im getting quite a lot of requests

    Seems like all codes were used. I'll put more codes up soon. In the mean time, PM me if you want a code


    dabm can you please pm me with details of the promo and codes. Thanks.

    I would take one, if Admin is happy with you distributing...

    I would like one also, thanks.


    aww was too slow for me - i spent about £50 on there on monday. goin to attempt to rep for 1st time tho

    puts hand up

    Yes, I'd appreciate one too

    Would appreciate one


    id love one too - so this code it valid for a year right?

    Original Poster

    Hey guys. I think ive sent codes to everyone who wanted one. I sent them as PMs. Just PM if you havent received one, and I'll get one to you.

    No, Its not from UCAS. Play are running promotions at select universities around the country, to try and get mass exposure. Got loads more, so ask if you want one.


    I would love one. Thanks.

    If you have any spare I'd be very grateful

    Many thanks.

    *sticks hand in the air*

    I would very much appreciate a code if there is one going.

    Thank you,dabm:)

    If you have any left I'm interested ta!

    Can I have one aswell please. Thanks :thumbsup:

    Yes please if you have more available Muchas appreciated

    PMed you

    Thank you dabm, rep left:thumbsup:

    Please PM one thanks !

    I would love one please!

    would be very appreciative if you could swing one this way too. awesome of you to offer.

    Please PM me one if you have any left Thanks

    Original Poster

    hey guys. ive replied to all of you i think who asked for codes. Could you guys please PM from now on? Its just that some people are leaving comments, and others are sending PMs, so its more time consuming to work out who Ive replied to.

    Would just make it easier for me. Still have loads left, so no probs.


    Original Poster

    ive just replied to a bunch of pms, so you should have discount codes now

    one for me please...would help if you can email it to [email][email protected] a lot:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    still have many left if ppl want



    still have many left if ppl want

    yes please:-D

    I've used one you give me earlier, if you got another, I'd be grateful!


    I would very much appreciate a code..
    Thank you, DABM..

    If you still have any codes, I'd love on eplease.

    Thanks very much x


    I've used one you give me earlier, if you got another, I'd be … I've used one you give me earlier, if you got another, I'd be grateful!Thanks

    Same code can be used more than once! :thumbsup:

    O great! Is it, as I'm guessing a student thing valid til Oct 08?

    Thanks Rep given to you and OP again

    go on then


    O great! Is it, as I'm guessing a student thing valid til Oct 08?

    Yep, valid until next October..:-D

    I'd love one dabm,

    PM sent


    :pirate: CJ :pirate:

    hi, I'd appreciate a code too


    Can I have one please? :thumbsup:

    just used mine, thanks dabm :thumbsup:

    can i possibly have one please

    i;d like a code please
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