LOADS of FREE Amazon Vouchers from Infolab if you sell or promote any HP products in your job

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Found 21st Oct 2009
This is way better than Lightspeed or any survey payout- if you qualify. There are many thousands (possible millions) of people who will qualify.

If you are an employee or do "rep" work that involves selling, promoting, merchandising, or even discussing any HP products (such as printers, ink cartridges, laptops, monitors, etc), then you can earn £5 Amazon vouchers REALLY FAST!!!

Register with your employer's details, activate your email, then log in. (No fake details, they often phone your employer to check!)

You can fly through each training module in 5-7 minutes. Each module gives £1 (1500 points). That's over £10 per hour! Claim a £5 Amazon voucher every 7500 points (5 modules).

You start with about 20 modules (£20), more are added every week or two when new models come out. You get 100 points per day for logging in 10 times = £1 every 2 weeks. Also, get 500 points (33p) for referring another colleague (maximum 5 per month).

I've got tons of stuff off Amazon now. Act quickly, as they will soon be refreshing all the training modules with the arrival of Windows 7, which means more Amazon Vouchers!



It's good (and works) but theres rarely any new courses.


Moved to MISC as its information / tip rather than a deal, thanks

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It's good (and works) but theres rarely any new courses.

Courses come in batches every month or two, when new models come out. As I said, soon there will be more courses coming due to Windows 7, which will mean new printers/ laptops/ desktops.

Surely, it's worth doing for the £20 you get at the start, which only takes about 1.5 hours.

At least you're guaranteed the points, whereas places like Lightspeed can waste your time and then say you don't qualify!

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