Found 15th Mar 2008
Hi all , just thought id see if anyone can help, I need a loan for 30k (over 24yrs ties in with mortgage) and am on the look out for the cheapest rate, Ive done a lot of searching and found the abbey at 7.1% to be the best for this sort of loan but I thought before I gave the green light I would try the wonderful people on this site!!

I'm still tied into my mortgage for quite a bit and the early repayment charges and arrangement fees for a remortgage make it more realistic to go for a personal loan, as I will remortgage when my tie in period is up. I have a good credit rating, the only problem being that I need the money within 4weeks, if anyone can help great if not thanks for looking!!!

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have u tried asking on money saving expert? they seem to be better with more financial stuff.

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Hi thanks I will give that a go now.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply!!

Alliance and Leicester are pretty good

you would get a better apr if you did a re-mortage.

why do you need £30k over 24 years?
There will be an interest tate cut next month of at least 0.25%, wait until then.
Could be better on a mortgage unless you are mortgaged to the hilt.
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