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    Seems like someone at has been selling on customer details…php

    6 Comments have offered customers 12 months free access to credit expert advice.

    Well gee whizz, ain't they generous :?

    Quote............. "I have received hundreds of calls from international numbers who know all about me and some pretended to be talking to me about my credit card by saying they were connected to HFBC."

    I would be more inclined to contact a solicitor:thinking:

    I got one of these letters from saying the police have been contacted but they haven't given me a crime reference or anything - am I entitled to know what it is as my details have been sold on without my permission? Although in saying that I don't recall ever applying for credit from them so how do they have my details anyway?

    Rose, did you have a credit check with them

    Heard about this on the radio, happening to people who didnt end up taking a loan out too

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    I would be more inclined to contact a solicitor:thinking:

    Too right! Surely there can be something upheld under the Data Protection Act on this one?

    Contact the Financial Ombudsman. If they are found to be in breach of Data Protection law then they will receive a large fine and the MD will also face upto a possible 10 years in jail. :-D
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