Local Food Bank Donation £10.00 @ Morrison - Help provide essential items to your local food bank.

Posted 29th Jun
Food banks have seen a huge surge in people without enough money for essentials needing emergency support in the last few months.

By donating a £10 e-voucher to your local food bank, you’ll be helping them buy at least 10 food items to go in an emergency parcel for someone in your area struggling to keep their head above water.

We have partnered with 5 Food Bank locations across the UK for now, and are hoping to add more locations in the future for donations.

As community charities, food banks need a range of different donated food items to give nutritionally-balanced food parcels to people. Food banks often run low on different items at different times – by donating an e-voucher, you’ll be helping the team purchase the items that are most needed.

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Did you know that the £5 off code works on this too so you can actually give £10 with it costing you £5.. F5BOX5OFF
Is this any better than just donating directly to the food bank? I guess there might be fees that would come off your donation directly that Morrisons are absorbing here. On the other hand you might be able to get gift aid on a direct donation.
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