Local Greggs store seems to make up the hours there open lately.

Posted 2nd Dec 2022
Always says staff shortage.Anyone else's store seem to have the same problem?
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    Poor pay, stressful working conditions and targets, customers attitude, terrible working hours, zero loyalty, inflexible holidays, lazy, unhelpful, incompetent management, the list is endless. Unions left supermarket staff high and dry to help negotiate slight pay increase, but workers lost additional basic perks and experienced staff losing shift pay and bonuses. Lock down having to work extra shifts, seeing staff getting seriously ill or worse through Co-vid and management uncaring and insistent staff break health and safety rules to their detriment. Don't you understand why shop staff are angry, frustrated and leaving the industry?
    To add on, not just shop staff - this happens EVERYWHERE. Got bullied by the OWNERS of the company where I worked at and put me in a situation that I was forced to leave, and was in an office job for a local company.

    I know that can be down to constructive dismissal but after research had to be there for 2 years which I was there for only 1.5 :/ (edited)
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    Ours local one shut at 3pm for quite a long time due to staff shortages I don't go there so much these days but do get their frozen sausage rolls from Iceland
    Mine seems closed on Sundays & sometimes days during the week.
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    Meanwhile we have more job vacancies than people unemployed

    I’m really surprised no politician has a back to work plan to get people off benefits into jobs to stimulate growth and reduce the amount of GDP that benefits take up
    Probably against their human rights to make them work.
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    Even costa was outside sitting only because they only had 2 staff members a few weeks back.
    It's trained reliable staff that's the problem across workplaces. Everything in the takeaway and cafe culture is going downhill imo, and following a few bloggers it's just not the UK having problems.
    Staff and ingredients plus running costs is a big problem. (edited)
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    Do they do night swimming ?
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    Thats because most retail staff at the moment are ill with either Flu/covid/other. No thanks to joe public for being so careless.
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