Local news story of the week - ASBOS, benefits and Red Bull

    Thought this may appeal to some people on here, especially as she's unemployed, how does she afford this "addiction"


    20 cans a day WIMP, she needs to get the original Thai Red bull, then she would know what a caffeine kick is.

    Like someone else pointed out,it does seem like a lot of these types of stories are merely written to wind up Taxpayers.

    The article said 10-15 cans a day,that doesn't equate to 20 quid anyway,Redbull is 80p a can here.

    She is oblivously a idiot. Take this for example I quote "They say I'm on drugs, I don't touch drugs, I've never done that. I just drink this." So is caffeine not a drug now?

    makes me proud to live in the same city as her

    Original Poster Banned


    makes me proud to live in the same city as her

    Me too.
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