Local Odeon so expensive!

Posted 27th Dec 2022
They want near £15 for 1 adult ticket. Anyone else have this problem at their local cinema? At other Odeons less than £5 a ticket.
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  1. SamRose19's avatar
    If you are on vodaphone you can get 2 vue tickets for £7
  2. Peesh's avatar
    Am surprised that cinemas are still a thing nowadays.
    Pretty much everyone has a large screen, 4k TV and soundbar.

    People may argue...but its the atmosphere of going to the cinema.

    But when the atmosphere seems to be selfish people on their phones, sugared up kids tearing around the room or repeatedly kicking the back of your chair. Inconsiderate adults holding a conversation through the movie, after taking a loan out to afford some popcorn and a drink.....

    I forsee them in blockbuster heaven sooner than later. (edited)
  3. 999's avatar
    That's mad. These places need boycotting until they realise raising prices is not the way forward.

    I've always said I would go to the cinema more often if it was cheaper, they're their own worst enemies with the pricing! Until it comes down I'll continue sailing the seven seas
    Ukguy101's avatar
    Ukguy101 Author
    There is little local cinema what is £4 a ticket they're probably undercharging should be at least £6 really. What i find annoying is that where i used to live is under £5 in a better Odeon!
  4. Uncommon.Sense's avatar
    Too many negatives to be going to the cinema these days unless it is something extra special, it simply isn't worth the time or the money and it can be better invested in the home cinema. Who cares if you have to wait 3-4 months for it to come out on 4K Blu-ray, at least you get to keep the thing, or sell it on if it is pants.

    We used to visit on average 10-12 times per year, I would say that it is now once per year and when there is four of you going it is now close to £80 in total expenditure, that money saved is a hell of an audio/visual upgrade over the space of a few years.
  5. HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    We watched Avatar 2 at the Odeon yesterday. What a big letdown of a movie !!! Overlong and boring except for the final 30 minutes. The rest of it looked like a National Geographic documentary on underwater creatures. (edited)
    Tutanota's avatar
    Did you watch it in IMAX 3D? I thought it was fantastic. Certainly some long moments but I really enjoyed the special effects and 3D action. Was not disappointed but the movie did stretch on a tad
  6. Conkers816's avatar
    A lot of cinemas are struggling at the moment and I think they’re dealing with it in their own way.

    My local VUE rarely opens before midday and sometimes even as late as 1pm if it’s not a school holiday.

    £15 is a ridiculous price though.
    deleted2686495's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Apparently £15 is cheap - just had a look, and my "local" (15 miles away) Odeon wants £19 for an adult ticket so see the Whitney movie today. If you want a 3D Avatar, it's £22.50 plus your glasses if you need them.
  7. Knill's avatar
    Odeon have always had trash prices. I don’t think I’ve ever paid under £12 for an odeon ticket yet my local Vue has leather recliner chairs and it’s £5 a ticket
  8. bracey100's avatar
    yes it was 12 quid last time i went vue deffo cheaper
  9. Gollywood's avatar
    My local Odeon charge £12.50 for a standard adult ticket.

    Vue are £5.99 and Cineworld is £4.99

    (Plus admin fee)
    Ukguy101's avatar
    Ukguy101 Author
    You do wonder why Odeon are so expensive compared, what are they're reasons?
  10. xenole's avatar
    Last time I went to the Odeon, in Deansgate Manchester, it was around £6ish. Double that at the Trafford Centre etc.
    The Vue? at Parrs Wood was around £6 as well.
    Think I paid around £10 ($12) to see Ghostbusters: Afterlife whilst in San Francisco at the cinema in the Westgate shopping centre.

    That said, most films are just crap these days (or just watchable, and not blockbusters I really want to see) and I would rather sit at home and watch them on a 55-65" tv at my leisure than in a cinema to be honest. Avatar 2, Black Adam etc. aren't jumping out at me as "I must go an see it now!" (last films I saw were Bill & Ted 3 which was 2hrs of my life I'm never getting back, and Avengers: End Game, assuming that was the second part)

    Not sure if Covid killed off cinemas to some extent, or Hollywood is doing a good job of doing so. (edited)
  11. Pentop's avatar
    I believe we had the same problem locally, and twenty minutes down the road they were much cheaper same chain, people started a social media campaign about it, and soon after prices were dropped

  12. Admast79's avatar
    £15? That's cheap.

    In my town, they charge £19 for new movies.

    While closest Vue (40 minutes drive) selling tickets for £6-7.

    This is madness.
    Ukguy101's avatar
    Ukguy101 Author
    Mad price that! They'll go bust charging those ridiculous prices!
  13. EN1GMA's avatar
    the big movies will survive at the higher prices but the smaller ones, no chance. Along with the fact we have more content than ever with tv shows going through a golden generation. along with that, companies are happy to pull things from the big screen and stick it on the streaming services if a movie is not doing well in the cinema so they dont need to remarket it in several months time.

    also, imo, the industry is being propped up, in the uk, by offers like meerkat movies which has made it more affordable. I wonder if as many people would go if such offers were withdrawn.
  14. dcx_badass's avatar
    My nearest is in Bradford and it's £16-21.50 evenings and weekends, it's mental, it was already less than a quarter full other than opening weekends.
  15. themachman's avatar
    I love the Cinema and go to my local Fact. Usually around £10-£12 a ticket
    Few movies though I'll wait till they're on Apple, which is usually a few weeks later.
    Watched Halloween ends for £16
    Ukguy101's avatar
    Ukguy101 Author
    Yep a lot of rubbish movies lately saw that Strange World film instantly forgettable!
  16. Maria65's avatar
    I haven't been to the cinema for awhile and then saw the film Meg 2 The Trench was released. Hubby and I planned to go to the Odeon at Warrington but when I saw the ticket prices, £19 each, just under £40, changed my mind! The Vue is alot cheaper so we are going there instead! How can they justify £19 a ticket! No wonder cinema chains are closing, example of the Empire chain closing down a few months ago!
  17. chrb's avatar
    Cheltenham Cineworld is £15 standard to £21 for 4DX for an adult in the evening our other Cinema is a premium one called Tivoli and £18 to £20.50
    Ukguy101's avatar
    Ukguy101 Author
    Extortionate prices eh.
  18. MKS14's avatar
    Most likely be an odeon luxe at that price
    Tutanota's avatar
    The luxe I go to is £20 lol with the O2 cinema code it becomes £5 which is a lot more reasonable
  19. 2015's avatar
    I know it doesn’t help if you don’t go that often but are they trying to sway people over to the limitless memberships at £15 odd a month. High ticket prices or unlimited viewing for the same price.

    kinda working on me if I’m honest.
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