Local Pizza Hut not answering phone!!

Posted 24th Dec 2008
I ordered a pizza online almost an hour ago, on the website it says the store was open so I thought it was okay but now I try calling the local pizza hut after about 40 to check my order and nobody is picking up the phone! I've already paid for the pizza by card and I don't know what to do now? do I have to wait til after xmas to make a complaint?
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register with them & then email them if they do not deliver the pizza, tell them you want freebies
Theres no email!
They got a general phone line wich is closed and a postal adress
Pizza Hut closed at 8pm
i made my order at 7 40
They probably took 1 look at the order and ignored it, people have homes to go to....
I know I would if I was clocking off at 8pm
id stick some toast on if i were you
lol I dont give a **** about the pizza, its the money theyve taken im annoyed about
They have all closed at 8pm.
You sure it was for delivery and not collection?

Hhhhmmm might get a pizza as the place near me is open till midnight and I pay when they deliver it!!

lol I dont give a **** about the pizza, its the money theyve taken im … lol I dont give a **** about the pizza, its the money theyve taken im annoyed about

you will be able to take it up with them when they re-open though. I'm surprised the site let your order through. They should have had a system in place preventing it happening.
This is dumb then the website lied to me?
There is a system on the website right now if i try ordering for delivery it doesnt work
no shortage of pit joints near me :-)

its xmas eve, i imagine people wanna get drowned, if the pcw online system is to go by, you're down a few quid til' fri'
Does this make any sense? Fair enough if they close at 9 but they should still answer calls at 8.20 and surely be able to make an order at 7.40

Opening hours:
Wednesday 12:00 - 22:45
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday 12:00 - 22:45
Sunday 12:00 - 22:45
Monday 12:00 - 22:40
Tuesday 12:00 - 22:40

Closed dates
Dec 24 21:00 - Dec 27 11:00
Dec 25 00:00 - Dec 26 00:05
got mine delivered half an hour ago
drive round and beat them up....

got mine delivered half an hour ago

now now Stewie, don't taunt the people who can't get any....
lol no fair :-(
which is your Hut then Arif?
Cardiff crwys road
*sigh* I've given up trying now no need to get worked up over money its xmas after all
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