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Found 28th Mar 2009
Unfortunately I awoke to find some vandal had kicked a dent in one of my car doors. Why the moron felt the need to damage other peoples property, only they know.

This comes on top of a motorbike destroying the front of the other car when it was stationery. This car has now been scrapped, and yes you guessed it. He had no licence, no tax and no insurance.
I do however need some advice on obtaining dry ice after finding a video on the net relating on how to use it to make good the dent on the door. For although the insurance will cover it, maybe a day or two would pass before I got the car back. Therefore I would like to try this first.
I have thought about asking the local chemist for advice but as they will not be opened until Monday, I thought I would ask any of you guys if you knew the bet way to obtain it,
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DRY ICE METHOD OF DENT REMOVAL For small dings and dents, a process of … DRY ICE METHOD OF DENT REMOVAL For small dings and dents, a process of heat and extreme cold may force the dent out on its own. Heat the dent with a specialized tool or blow dryer. Once its heated, apply dry ice directly on to the dents surface. The dent should pop out. NOTE: Dry ice can cause damage to skin instantly. Always wear gloves when handling dry ice.


your local gas supplier sells it, i delivered for BOC once they do it, you get it in a bag, but you will need gloves and a portable fridge
heat with hair dryer then switch to aerosol of compressed air as the rapid cooling pings the metal back (works better on largeish but shallow dints.

Could you use the spray ice that plumbers use to freeze pipes? Might be ok for a minor dent.
that is a good idea.Its use is recommended to save any scratches, your idea would work just as well. Thanks Predikuesi
OP, feel for you...just the other day, two *dippheads on a bike (one riding, one sat on the handle bars) and as they went past, the one of them kicked the side panel of my car and it's dented now.. i was sat in the stationary car and allowed them to pass-i really dont know what makes these idiots do it.. what do they gain? had there been space to do a 3 point turn i wouldv'e shoved the car bonnet right up their wotsits, that'd serve them right.. i hope he falls off and breaks his bum next time he attemps it.. anyway, update thread if one of the methods works for you..ill give it a try too.
well my day was great till a numb nut in a van reversed into us my car now has to stay parked up till monday .
purchased this from maplin maplin.co.uk/mod…296 and this from screwfix screwfix.com/pro…ler.
This pulled out the main body of the dent`s, then I heated as the video showed with a hairdryer. Then sprayed the area with the aerosol. I repeated this many times, It worked to a certain extent, but there is still a small impression. However the conditions were not ideal as we had a strong cold northern wind blowing, I therefore have decided to either try indoors (I do not have a garage) or try in more favourable conditions later on.
This has taken the dent`s from being larger than a football, to a shallow dent about the size of a golf ball, still visible but no where as bad as the initial dents. If I have further success I will let you know. However it does not ping out as indicated by the initial video makers or maybe I did not have the area hot enough? It definitely worked to a certain extent but not to the extent claimed by the video producers
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