Lock pick in Skyrim Remastered.

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Found 26th Nov 2016
So the first time I played skyrim was on PC. So now I got a remastered version on my ps4 and I am seriously struggling with lock picking using my controller. anyone can offer any tips or something. thanks.

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Use the analogs, rotating, if the pick is shaking, ease off a bit or go other direction

do the thiefs guild mission you get unbreakable lockpick

One analogue rotates, one applies pressure.

The closer you are to where you need to be the more the lock will turn.

To get the most out of your picks; turn the pick, only apply pressure long enough to see how far the lock turns, eventually you will get to where you can flick the stick just long enough to judge very quickly how close to the unlock position you are. You may not even have to push the stick all the way to the side, a soft slow half push willl turn the tumbler aswell but slowly. Also dont neglect your lock picking skill tree, even if you aren't going to put tonnes of points in it, one or two make a big difference.

Also if you want to practice (assuming they havent patched this out, so check first) just save by a pickable lock, practice till you run out of picks or unlock the lock, reload your save and go again.
I always end up with the lockpick counter topped out at 99 in Bethesda games.
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