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Posted 27th Jan
Hello there,

Is there a way for both iMac & Win 10 if possible to have lock screens and all other screen saving options draw from a central repository of my collection of virtual comics, so either via Comixology or some other way, just take random pages of comics taken from the folder I store them in

if possible, I’ve not worked out how to yet!

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It would be easier to put a man on the moon.......oh wait ..... already been done.
Maybe try asking in some windows (not the double-glazing) forums and mac (not the burger) forums?
Unlikely from a network, what did Google say?
I’ve not really managed to come up with the right phrasing of the question to get an answer in a similar ball park.

I’d have thought if you can get random photos coming up as a screensaver and rotating through a folders selection you’d be able to do the same with pages of digital comics, or else they are missing a trick
But thank you for chipping in
It shouldnt be hard to do - look up screensavers and themes.
Issue with anyone offering a product would be that they dont have copyright so no permission to pull down comic stuff.

right click on background -> personalise -> lock screen -> background ->slideshow
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