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Posted 26th Jul

I'm in the process of renewing my contract with Vodafone. I spoke to them to see if the new handset would come unlocked, they stated it would be locked to their network. If I was to unlock the handset, I have to wait until the contact ends which would be 24 months. But I'd rather have the handset unlocked.

Is there a way whereby I can unlock the handset via Vodafone.

I have heard that I can get a Vodafone PAYG and top that up, then wait 30 days to then request my new handset to be unlocked. Is this true? (would they question why because of the new handset?)

Any advice would be great.
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Voda PM generally requires 3 successfully paid bills prior to Voda providing zero cost unlock.
Not convinced Voda wouldn't notice attempted use of an active PM IMEI being claimed to be used exclusively with PAYG.
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