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Locked handset/how to unlock

Posted 2nd Dec 2020
Hi all, friend of mine bought second hand S9+ on eBay, it was supposed to be unlocked. He was told it was on EE network previously and pay as you go phone. Of course it is not unlocked (yep, I mentioned "I told you so!" few times already), it does not accept O2 simcard - says "no network". It works with my EE. As seller is ***** and is refusing to do anything about it (not willing to sort it out and ignores messages), I called EE and asked to unlock it - to be told they don't recognize IMEI, it's not in their system and not their handset. Saying it does not come up as blocked/blacklisted thou.

Could you please suggest what to do now, where do we find out who to ask to unlock? (how to find out which operator has it?) Thank you.

I know he can go to "that guy in that shop" and gets it unlocked but they charge £50..

thank you!
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