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Found 22nd Jan 2010
I joined lockerz a few weeks ago thinking that you could get items for free.There is a slight problem though .The website dosent charge you however the goverment charge you for reciving the package .For example if i was to get sent a ipod touch then the goverment would charge me tax.As lockeerz is based in the usa they dont have this problem.Anyone know what the taxes are like and how much .Thanks

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If you feel the need to attempt to navigate your way round the Customs and Excise website, the link is above!

VAT is 17.5%, different items attract different duty rates and some are exempt. It is very hit and miss though, I have bought a complete motorcycle engine from the USA and not been charged and then had to pay a small fortune for a pair of sunglasses!

if you have a spare invite i would love one


if you have a spare invite i would love one

Me too please

pm me your email and ill give you an invite


op good luck even being able to redeem for anything let alone worry about taxes

been a member for about 4-5 months now and havent managed anything
they hardly ever have the redemptions and when they do they are at stupid times as its mainly for american people and by time us uk people realise its all gone

im seriously thinking about giving up on it - full launch was ment ages ago and it stil aint happend and you can never redeem so whats the point

Tax is free apparently as its a gift :thumbsup: they state that in their FAQ

I've just signed up so will dish out some invites if you want to PM your email!

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Can anyone confirm if tax is free and whoever wants an invite pm me your email.
If tax is not free how much do you have to pay?

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anyone know how much ?
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