Loft boarding final touches

Posted 5th Nov
Hi all

Recently finished off my loft boarding with loft legs, no problems. All I have to finish off is around the loft hatch, somehow covering the space between beams and the raised boards (so you can’t see insulation etc making it more pleasing to the eye). In the picture below you can see that a company have used some sort of I suspect breathable material to fit around it. Would anyone know what this is? So that I can get my hands on some. It almost looks like a mailing bag material. I’d rather the easier life than cutting down plywood.

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its ether going to be the questionable "multifoil" insulation or PIR foil faced foam which go's by many brand names with slightly differing thermal properties.
If you go with PIR foil faced foam, buy some proper foil tape to seal the edges!
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