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    I'm new to this so hopefully someone can help. I'm looking for a loft conversion company in West London and have had a couple of quotes but they seem quite high at £31K and £29K for a conversion with no dormer.

    Has anyone had any experience of any companies in London?

    What price should I be looking at? Its a modern mid terrace house if thats any help.


    go for the cheapest then get dom in from cowboy builders

    All depends on the quality of your second fix, or whether you are having a bath/ shower room, seems a bit steep with no dormer... especially if there are no alterations to the roof structure. PM and I'll email you the number for the company who did my loft and rear extension. I'd of thought it would cost around £40K (London prices) with a dormer.
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    It should be just a bedroom and a small bathroom with a shower, basin and toilet. Both quotes told me to buy the bathroom stuff and they'd fit it.

    Thats steep! Can be done for half that! My hub in the trade but we up north!

    cant help on price Im afraid but my friend had what you are after and apparently its hard to get water pumped up ie for the bathroom not sure how it all works there must be some sort of ombusman trade approved you can get them checked at - I would


    I recommend loft logic, the number is 07956567739

    Have a look on or something like that, you can read reviews of local tradesman and for the good ones, give them a call and get some more quotations.

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    Thanks for all your help with this. Its a bit of a minefield and with all that money being spent all help and advice is gratefuly recieved
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