Loft conversion- Legal/Planning/building control fees, How bad are they?

    I'm planning to do a loft conversion (no dormer, just a straight boarding out roof/floor ,making a staircase and fitting a velux window)
    (I will do some of the jobs myself as I'm electrician by trade and have done some construction work abroad for quite some time as well,but I will also bring in some labour for some other stuff ).

    However I want to calculate my full costs down to the last penny and I'm not sure what legal costs there are. I do plan to sell the house sometime in future so I want to do everything the proper way.

    From the research I have done I do not need planning permission, just the building control approval which is around £450-£500 in my area from what I have found, However I'm not exactly sure what that building control fee consists of? what do they actually do?

    the plan is to:

    bring down a large chimney which sits in middle of the loft and has to go ( for that I understand I will need to apply to council for demolition permission which was around £150).
    I will be bringing the chimney breast down also in 2nd floor and just leave the breast in the 1st floor as is.
    By removing a chimney breast in 2nd floor I will now have 30% larger bathroom in 2nd floor as well which I will get re-done as well, do I need any permission for that as well or that is included in the demolition permission as after all I'm just bringing down the chimney and one of the chimney walls is also a wall in a bathroom so it's almost as I'm removing the chimney not the wall?

    Also since I will be re-doing and extending bathroom in the new-found old chimney space in 2nd floor ( changing from bath to shower, and changing a bit location of the toilet/sink ) do I need Any projects/building inspection or whatever for that plumbing part? and can I ''legally' do it myself or again someone certified with a paper must do it , as I have done that stuff in past and it's far from hard to do.. If there is any building fee for this can this be combined with the £450 loft fee since it would be all done in the same time?

    I had someone in past look at the floor joists and the chimney construction and there would be no additional supports/rsj's needed, happy days

    Ok Back to Loft itself, I would need a Velux window Fitted ( In an opening of the removed chimny) , I can technically do it myself as I have fitted several windows myself in past, but... from my research I need someone certified to do that.. doh who would have thought...Or get the building control to sign it off , but is it included in the flat £450 building control loft conversion fee or it's an extra charge for that task?

    And back to the £450-£500 building control fee, so what do they actually do for that money?

    I have planned more or less everything out already, but I got super confused with all the fees/ certifications needed etc if you want to do it all by the book that I'm kinda lost and confused by all this..

    Someone can give me a down and dirty short version of what kind of fees I will incur for what I'm planing?


    Hi, I have just had a double dormer installed and the final cost is just over £50,000. We had a chimney breast taken out, new staircase installed, an ensuite and two bedrooms were created with 2 Velux windows. New electrics and central heating going up to the loft. We had to get in building inspectors to pass the work, on electrics, gas, fire doors and smoke alarms. The inspectors, which were a private company cost £800 as the council were dragging their heels. Hope this helps. And it all took about 4 months with a private builder.
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