Loft insulation question

Found 13th Apr
Have split a large room with one half having a window and one not

The one that does not have window is next to cupboard with combi boiler and is to hot at times ( not sure if combi boiler has anything to do with it but it cant help)

My thinking is to remove loft insulation from loft roof of that room

Question is will this cause any problems with damp ( heat meeting cold)

Not worried about losing heat or extra cost with wasting heat

Or any other ideas to cool room ( noise free is a must)
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I wouldn't think so. Damp either comes from water penetration of condensation was as you would be improving the circulation in the last it would be less not more likely. Don't know if it would make the room cooler, can you put floor tiles down perhaps.
Its an upstairs room and as heat rises thought it would leave the room quicker so to speak
If you have a room with no window and a boiler in it. Then you need to vent that room somehow. Boilers need oxygen. While your room won’t be air tight there should be a route in for air.
Why not fit an air vent into the loft space. It will let warm air out and also pull cooler air in under the door, helping airflow.
There is a vent through to another room and the boiler is in a large walk in cupboard off the room but in it so to speak
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