Loft Ladders

    Hi all, im going to Glasgow at the end of the month and looking to get a loft ladder. Was wondering if anyone knows any good places to try out or anything in particular i should look out for?



    one with treads on would be good


    you're coming to Glasgow to buy a loft ladder?

    Is Glasgow Loft Ladder capital of the world??

    Are you using the ladder to get to Glasgow? Must be a long one?

    Check out ]these can always get delivered if you don't want to collect. If you are collecting though - check they have them in stock first.


    Screwfix's cheapy one is good…FFI we've installed it and finally I can get in the loft!

    Are you after as cheap as possible or expensive quality? metal or wood? :?

    Pryde & Sons Ltd based in Bothwell Street in Glasgow do good deals on loft ladders.
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