log cabin/home office

    Anyone know of any good websites for this sort of thing? looking to put a log cabin/home office in our back garden. Approx 5.5metres wide by 4metres deep. Preferably with loft or additional storage space.
    Many thanks


    hi there we brought one this year we got ours from screwfix direct they were very good priced compared to alot of them xx

    Look at wickes diy stores.

    Just had a quick look in my favourites, as I was looking for this for the son earlier, and I belive we found this to be good and cheap. I havent looked around lately though, and also have not purchased from them.…d42



    Couple of sites worth looking at.

    Let us know how you get on, I'm looking for something similar, but have the added complication of living in Northern Ireland, so some companies either don't deliver or charge a small fortune.

    Happy new year,

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