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Found 11th Sep 2010
Hey Guys

Is there anyone that know where I can get the log report from the computers memory which would allow me info on why it was restarting?

It restarts like once every 2 days, I don't think it's anything to do with the heat as there's enough fans in the case. Just really worried that this is effecting my computer and pretty much messing it up!


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have you tried the "enable boot logging option" from the windows start menu? (access by pressing F8 on start up)..or theres 3rd party software which you can just google

Sounds like your looking for the Event Viewer.

Start> Run> 'eventvwr.msc'

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Yes managed to get the Event Viewer, had a critical earlier

Looks like it could be something to do with the power, PSU could be playing up

this happens once every 4 days and is def not right

how did you work out its the PSU ?

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I had a mate from my previous work who looked at it,
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check temperatures in bios or using realtemp(2nd best) if anything abnormal get it sorted before using again, continued use can cause severe damage if the fault is down to temps.


Leave it and it will get better........it's started already. It's stretched from 2 days to 4 days.....soon it will be 8 then 16 etc etc.

As mentioned above, check your eventviewer specifically the system logs - it's normal for there to be lots of warnings so you need to look specifically at the times when the computer restarted. If it's a power fault and the PC is just losing power without it knowing you'll see all the services starting with no error beforehand. If it is some sort of software fault (possibly caused by hardware) you may see something like 'The computer has restarted from a bugcheck.' followed by some hex digits and then a reference to a minidump. The minidump stores what the computer was doing when it crashed, if it's there you can use tools to open it and find what was the cause of the crash.


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I think it must be the power, John can I send you what I have gathered and see what you think?

as you said there is loads of Errors then the Critical happens

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Ok I set in the BIOS for the computer not to restart if there was ever a crash, a guy told me to do this as I would get a blue screen with the error. It has just crashed and restarted but no blue screen, just comes up the options to start in Safe mode etc
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