Logitec g27 PS4 'adapter' without PC

Posted 26th Feb

I picked up a g27 wheel, stick and pedals fr £50 from a thrift shop.

How do I adapt it for use with my PS4, I don't have a PC/laptop. Is this possible?

Alot of the ones online which I've searched through google, seem to plug into a laptop/PC. There's a driver hub on a Canadian site., but that's £80.

So can I do this relatively cheap. Wanted to try it and maybe keep or sell it on. Fancied a wheel since I played Sega Rally in the arcades when I was a child.

Also need a 24v power adapter, as it didn't come with one, but that shouldn't be a problem finding one.

Thanks for your help.
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G27 isn't compatible with Ps4. Supposedly there are ps3 to ps4 converters that will allow it work but feedback for them are poor.

You might be better off flogging it because by the time you've bought an adapter and a psu it's going to be a big outlay for something that still isn't really fit for purpose.
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