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    Hey all,

    Having just missed out on these being sold on ebuyer for £29 (now discontinued, just when i get the same money to buy one...grrrrr), I'm after this wheel for a reasonable price and best i can do is £45 delivered from ebay. For whatever reason i cannot bring myself to trust ebay and have never made a purchase on there (not to mention i'd rather avoid paypal fees), so does anyone know of a reputable retailer that is selling this for a reasonable price (ideally sub £40), then that would be much appreciated. They seem to be oddly rare.

    I don't really have the spare money to fork over for the official wheel and some reviews actually say this one can be more fun to use, and i'd really like a wheel to go along with my newly purchased copy of forza 2 (thank you HUKD for the littlewoods deal).

    Many thanks for any pointers,



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    thanks muchly thats great, rep added

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