Logitech G29 Without Pedals?

Found 29th Aug 2016
I Just bought the G29, in anticipation for Driveclub VR & PSVR I'm also gogin to buy a Playseat Challenge so I have the full setup which myself and my kids are gogin to enjoy.. but it occurred to me after i purchased it, On of my sons is due to have a pretty serious operation on both he legs in early December, as such he will be wheelchair bound for a few months and then when the pins and plates are removed another few months, as such I cannot see him being able to apply pressure to the pedals without it causing him discomfort or pain.

So My question really is can the G29 be used on Driveclub without pedals, or can the accelerator & brake be remapped to the paddles? or even to the buttons on the G29?

Its not a major concern as he is more excited about the shark tank and experince stuff than racing, but it would be nice to know if it can be done. I cannot seem to get an answer from google, so anyone with both Driveclub and a G29 want to test for me?
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I don't have the wheel myself but I'm pretty sure l2 and r2 do the same thing as the pedals, which might not be the most comfortable position to play.

As for remap to shifter padles, I really don't know...
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