Logitech Harmony 885 Universal Remote


    Do you guys know where I can get the Logitech Harmony 885 Universal Remote for a good price?

    I know you guys are awesome at finding the best prices!…933




    Wow! Those things are expensive!

    I looked all over, and the cheapest I could find was the 1st place I looked (Froogle)!?!

    £98.59 at ]DB Computers Ltd plus postage, but unfortunately not currently in stock. Probably worth trying to get one from them as they are far cheaper than anywhere else.

    Hope this helps?


    Pixmania have it for £126.50 delivered. i did find it ccheaper on froogle, but it was from a seller i'd never heard of, but they do have a uk address. they are db computers limited ( and they have it for £92.81 before delivery.

    hope this helps:thumbsup:

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    Thanks guys for that. Yeah they are quite expensive, but want one for a new cinema room. Will look at that company you both mentioned.

    Any others you know about?


    Any others you know about?

    There's always ]eBay. There is one delivered for £108 BIN price, used I'm afraid, with a starting price of 99p, amongst others.

    ]Pixmania (as mentioned before) is a gr8 company, with a gr8 returns policy and can be trusted and at £126.50 delivered isn't too bad. Although ]Pixmania-Pro have it for £122.67 delivered.

    EDIT: Don't forget to unsubscribe from that "Zen Engagement" nonesense when you buy from Pixmania!

    Hope some of this helps?


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    Thanks for that Jake.

    By the way love the name/pic! Reminds me of the good old days
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