Logitech Harmony Remotes

    I've been hearing good things about the harmony series of remotes.
    Im looking to control a TV AMP DVD CABLE BOX WDTV (when i get one)
    Anyone have any suggestions on the best remote for this also any good places to shop
    for it.

    Oh and if anyone has any experience with WDTV - Is it good? Worth the money etc
    Im not bothered about the LIve version either......Thanks guys.

    Happy New Year


    Hi, not an expert but I bought the basic Harmony 515 from recently (
    I have had my WDHD TV player for over a year and it has been a great investment, especially since some of the recent firmware updates.

    Loads of opinions her…ew/ .

    hi, i have a harmony 525 new and sealed can post to you for £45.

    I have the Harmony 1. This has an LCD screen which lights up when you shake it with similar software to the next model down the 575.
    Unlike the lower model the Harmony 1 comes with a charging cradle. You should seek to find this for £100. I got mne for about £80.00 - deals at this price level do come along regularly at Amazon etc. I got mine from The Harmony 1 is much better ergonomically - take a look online. Wholeheartedly recommended and it can control things like the Joytech HDMI switcher , lighting etc etc aswell as the more routine items.
    They do take some thought to programme which you do on a pc your settings being saved online and the firmware is regularly updated and latest models are always soon added to the online list. Regards

    Original Poster

    Thanks Guys I will hold on for a sale then.......Cheers
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