Logitech X-230 or Logitech X-530


    Im looking for a new set of speakers and really have no idea what to look for when buying a good pair of speakers. All I know is that I want good sound quality and a good amount of bass from them.

    Ive narrowed it down to the X-230's and the X-530s and dont know which one to go with now.

    Link for X-230:…ews

    Link for X-530:…8-7

    Any advice will be greatly appreiciated.



    X-530 are obviously more expensive but will sound better!


    Original Poster

    what makes u say they'll sound better though?

    Had the x 230's for a couple of years now and they still surprise me how good they sound.
    Can't say for the 530's. Havent heard them

    Because i have the x-230's and the max output is 32 watts, whereas the x-230's have a max output of 70 watts which means the sound quality and bass will be alot better and louder.

    I recommend the x-230's as they are worth the money.

    Ifty cent.

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    I dont tempted by the x-530's...i think they would be worth the money too...
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