Logitech Z 5400 5.1 Speakers

    I'm after a set of Logitech Z 5400 speakers for my room, they are £180 at amazon and £119 at pixmania. I dont fancy buying from pixmania and dont wanna pay £180!

    Any help much appreciated


    why not from pixmania, as i have never had any problems with them, nor has my brother!

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    I'm not really keen on them not being a uk based company.

    They suck I think. MANY problems with them.

    I've always managed to get them to resolve them though, but all effort on my part!

    For those speakers, I'd buy them - it's not as much as a £500 camera or anything, and logitech stuff is good!

    Are these the ones you're after ]click here £125 at Komplett and delivery is around £7 so £132 in total.:)

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    Yeh, that's them!

    I've never heard of Komplett, are they any good?


    Yeh, that's them!I've never heard of Komplett, are they any good?

    Certainly were in the past and I'm sure they still are

    But again they are not a british company...There despatch warehouses are in Holland...:x


    Yeh, that's them!I've never heard of Komplett, are they any good?

    They are a Norwegian based company with offices all over the EU.There is an office based in the UK also,had a look at the website when I was looking for a price for ya!
    Whether that means they are dispatched from the UK I don't know,but maybe with them having so many offices around Europe,it may give them greater bargaining power and hence good prices.

    If it was me I would take the chance,especially for such a significant saving.:)

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    Thanks people,
    I'm gunna order them next saturday (payday!) with a bit of luck there might be a UK based company has some cheapish by then!!


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