Logitech Z906 Best way to conect to pc blu ray ripping.

    I had the older model over 10 years ago and have always regretted selling them so have ordered the Logitech Z906 now I have a gaming pc to make extra use out off them for games as well as my main use for them was for films.

    I in the process of backing up my blu rays to hard drive and not sure to keep the dts hd ma and dolby true tracks instead of plain dts and ac3. I know these speakers can use decode dts/ac3 via optical but if I was to use the analog connections to my pc would I gain anything keeping the HD tracks and letting the player software decode and output the raw sound?

    I would rather just use plain dts / ac3 for size and compatibility with other devices but if there would be a noticeable improvement I will keep the hd tracks.

    also my sound on my motherboard does not have spdf out (only a header which hard to get a bracket for it unless order from china) should I just stick to analog direct connections or invest in new soundcard / spdf bracket? my motherboard does do 5.1


    Stick to analogue as you should get a higher spec than spdif depending on your soundcard vs the speakers DAC. You can rip the HD sound but certain devices may freak out due to Cinavia depending on if you can rip that out now or not. If that isn't a problem then most then both HD formats contain a backwards compatible core.

    Have a look at DTS Core and Dolby truehd core for more information about how legacy hardware can decode the DTS track out of a DTS-MA one.…01/
    Have a look at dvd ranger if you're having issues with cinavia protection.
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