Logitech Z906 - Can the sound be enabled through all speakers?

Posted 19th Mar 2016
I purchased the Logitech z906 from the lighting deal yesterday and I have issues playing sound through all the speakers.

I have connected the speakers to my U2515h monitor using a RCA to the sub and 3.5mm to the monitor.

I also tried to connect the speakers using the 3 3.5mm outputs on subs directly into my desktop and configuring sub, front & rear speakers as I connect each 3.5mm to my desktop.

I am using the 3D sound effect mode on the Logitech which states that all speakers should be used.

The other speakers do definitely work but don't seem to be enabled.

The trouble I am having is that two of the rear speakers do not produce sound, whatever I play music, video or play through Youtube. I even conducted a 5.1 test through Youtube which did not work.

Only the center, fronts & sub produce sound.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for all replies.
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