logmein123.com SCAM!!

Found 12th Jun 2010
Just had a call from someone and they told me that my company has a virus and YES it was some lady on the other end,

I thought it was a scam and still went with it.

She told me to goto logmein123.com and she would issue me a 6 digit code.. at thie point i laughed at her and said im not that silly.

the number she called from was 0000000000000000000 how that works i dont know.
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yeh its a scam.
my mates been having this problem for a few weeks now.

yeh its a scam.my mates been having this problem for a few weeks now.

What happens if you go to the website?
It's a scam, I had someone like that phone me in the week to try & tell me I had a virus! yea right I own a Mac :-D
those websites are usually used for remote connections services, so others can access ur pc remotely
Logmein123.com is how you can give someone else access to your pc. It's used legitimately by many companies.
yes.. some companys use it. this company that called me hjust wanted to steal my stuff lol
they need to have an account with logmein to use this feature and it cost them about a fiver per session,
let em do it then pull the cable on the router when u see connected lol
& as for her 0000000000000000000 phone number thats easy we used to use asterisk pbx server at my old company and you can choose to display pretty much any number you like.

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