Logo i need to finish, suggestions on who to add ?

    Picture below, and no live gaming isnt a relation to xbox live


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    Not sure the halo dude really works, might delete the invisible man in the middle too. Anyone ?

    What's the logo for / where's it going to be displayed?

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    What's the logo for / where's it going to be displayed?

    Just a title page for a games company set of files

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    try … try this:]

    :thumbsup: I'll add it see how it comes out

    Edit : Thanks, but doesnt really fit,all the other characters are reasonably stationery where as the alien is sprinting. Thanks anyway

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    Get this babe on … Get this babe on there: maybe: a bit sexist at the moWe need more girl gamers:p

    Or maybe…jpg :whistling:

    I joke the lara croft one might fit


    Or maybe :whistling:I … Or maybe :whistling:I joke the lara croft one might fit

    Tee, hee:-D

    I forgot mama:…jpg

    Not bad.

    The MW2 soldier looks stretched though. You could have Bayonetta as the third character? A girl and another new/good game.

    *Edit* I see one of the links already has Bayonetta, but put her in - Sod Lara, she's history. The alien is a good idea too, could have it jumping behind Halo guy.

    *Edit 2* Also, the char from AC2, you can still see the white outline around his right (left to look at).
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