LOL - Look how hard he/tries!!!!

    Hi mate,
    The phone its unlocked in all networks and functione
    with any simfree card with warranty 2 years provided
    by Finland Sony and Nokia Inc. The price for one phone
    its 180 pounds including the shipping in price because
    i shipp you the phone from Italy wich i am here by
    last week for some business and the phone will be sent
    from here.Tell me how many phones you buy because if
    you buy more than one phone you receive disccount and
    i can sell you 3 phones for 400 pounds if you buy
    them.Colours are 3 but only with command purchase and
    i have one colour Silver ,one colour White and one
    colour Black.
    About the shipping i can tell you that i am using TNT
    Global-Express. The shipping process is not taking
    more than 48 hours. Also i offer a return POLICY of 15
    days with a total refund if you are not satisfaid.
    Also i offer insurance for all my shippments so if
    something happens with the package you will get this
    full insurance (product value + shipping charges). We
    ship all packages having written on them "display
    unit, no comercial value" or as a gift so you don't
    have to pay any additional taxes like customs or
    I want to make this deal safe and i offer you the
    greate guarantee. Please tell me if you are agree with
    my offer: I send you first the poducts, you will
    receive the shipping confirmation from TNT imediatly
    when i send you the products on your name and adress
    and only when you receive this confirmation`s you will
    send me the money Via Western Union but you confirm
    the payment to the TNT Agency who send you the invoice
    for fast delivery. So, if you agree please send me
    your full name and address in order to prepare the
    shipping. After the agency receive the confirmation of
    payment they will send you the tracking number
    imediatly for pick up the package .
    Also, you have nothing to worry about this deal
    because will be done it in a secure way. Let me know
    if this is Ok with you, so that we can go forward with
    this deal!
    I hope we can make a deal.


    :?::? Difficult to read!...but desperate!! lol

    So ya going for all 3 colours? :-D

    Original Poster

    Im going to reply and ask him if he/she can lower the price to £300 for 3

    [SIZE="4"]Duckmagic & his damn mobile phone deals....that boy never rests!!!![/SIZE]

    [SIZE="1"](The above post has absolutely NOTHING to do with Duckmagic whose is of unimpeachable character & knows how to spell!!!)[/SIZE]

    Looks fresh for an online translator!!
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