Lol what a great few days I had!

First I have agonising toothache, which comes and goes, and today I banged my knee scraping and cutting it which is painful, cut my finger taking my pc apart, then I went downstairs and didnt turn light on and forgot I left a broom at bottom of stairs and fell over it banging my arm into the wall scraping it badly and is painful.

What a great start to the new year!

Lol anyway hows everyone elses experience the last few days.


Maybe it's time to go to those AA meetings?

If I were you, i'd just stay in bed. Has someone jinxed you?

Dam, sounds like a pretty successful new years to me as you'd have to be pretty drunk to manage to inflict that much on yourself. And I thought I looked stupid thinking I could open a bottle of beer with my knuckles, turns out you cant, it's pretty painful, and requires 4 plasters, one for each finger :P

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Actually I havent been drunk in almost 3weeks lol. had a glass of wine Christmas Day, and had 3 bottles of alcopop and 2 shots 2 weeks ago.

Ive just been in a daze lol
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