Found 21st Jan 2007
hi im going on a conference on human rights to london on the 24th feb, i was wondering does anyone know whats the best price on tickets to london its going to be 2 adults but more of us might be going about 5 people!

any help is appreciated!

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Where are you travelling from??

Original Poster

sorry im travelling from manchester!

i found 1 last week for 25 return now its 37.50 i dont want to be paying that much i wouldnt mind paying about 25

Is it just the rail travel you need or do you need a hotel as well? Short breaks companies normally have really good offers on rail travel but you need to book a hotel with them as well

Original Poster

just require a travel ticket 4m manchester i would stay over but my mate needs 2 come back u c

how about hiring a mini bus if there is 5 of you and do a park and ride probably cheaper than the train

Original Poster

i might consider that unless anyone knows of any cheap flights lol!

or am i pushing it now!

Cheapest rail fare I can see with Virgin is £32 return

Original Poster

the 32 return is for what times?

Machester- London at 0337 arrives in London at 0805 -£14 per person

London-Manchester at 2125 arrives in Manchester at 0805 it goes to Sheffield and arrives there at 2351 then a bus departs at 0625 to Manchester bit of a nightmare journey!!

Have you thought about going by bus?

Original Poster

migt have to consider the bus but it takes a long time!

Original Poster

maybe even bookin 1 day before thanks mate!

National Express would be £22 per person
leaving Manchester a 0130 arriving in London at 0600
leaving London at 1900 arriving in Manchester at 2345
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