London City New year's Fireworks tickets £10 at London Government

Posted 27th Sep
Fireworks show in London on the new year's eve. 31st December
Not a deal as such but the best spots(Blue and red zones) have opened today and will be allocated on a FCFS basis.
Grab yourselves few (4 per person) before they are sold out. Blue zone is intermittently released.
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Not voting either way but how can they charge you for looking up in the sky lol. I will stand behind the barrier and still see the same view as those in front of me who was silly enough to pay £10
Watch in on the tv in the warmth without being surrounded by 274700 ppl
Tickets are a pain - you have to be within the barrier by a certain time which was too early - something like 9.30/10pm last time. And a lot of waiting and standing (which was diff for my 10yr old). We had to find a piece of cardbaord so he could sit on the floor. And it still gets busy within the zones, so to get a view near the front (so your view is not blocked) you need to be there even earlier! And forget about getting refreshments unless you are prepared to wait for ages (so bring your own backpack).
£10 to be on the street lol
I would want a sky box on the river for that price.
Let's avoid political comments please and keep everything on topic to the fireworks display itself.
Third year in a row and I misser again the blue ticket area, any ticket swap possibility somewhere ?
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