London commuting bike 14 miles per day

Found 2nd Feb
I’m looking to get a bike for my London commute, have always loved vintage Peugeot’s but upkeep is becoming too expensive. Any recommendations for a bike that will go fast and weave in and out of traffic, cope with potholes and also carry some shopping/rucksack as I hate carrying a backpack!
I’m female and 5ft7, not fussed about a specific women’s frame. Looking to spend around £300.
Thanks for your help!
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I quite like the look of this in that price bracket:…tml

mixed Sora/Claris groupset - so a couple of rungs up the road groupset ladder

cyclocross with drop bars so should be fair on the compromise in performance whilst being robust and study enough to take the bashing a commuter bike requires.

Of course would not be as fast as an out and out road bike but the extra tyre width also cushion and would enable you to go on tow path etc.

If commuting all weathers would add mud guards (you get wet mostly from the spray on the tyres) and this also offers you to place a pannier rack on it to get away from a rucksack if that be your preference (of course weight placement will make you slightly less agile).

Other options out there mind albeit does your work offer any of the cycle to work schemes so that you can buy through prior to tax and ni contributions?

Good luck
By a cheap secondhand to get you going and gain experience etc and also reduce the risk of it being stolen. Mke sure you have good security at home and at work.

Riding in most cities is dangerous but more so in London even though you have far greater cycle lanes/bus lanes but there seems to be more idiots (have a look at some cycle cams on youtube to understand/appreciate)

14 miles for a novice (I'm guessing) is pushing it but 14 miles for a novice in a London commute - lets just say I wouldn't want your HUKD account to become silent.

If it was me, having watched many London commute videos, I'd be looking towards an E-Bike or moped but that needs more budget.
Not sure how much shopping you need to carry but I use a roswheel top of pannier bag . It velcros on and off the pannier rack , so it's easy to take into work if you need to . Something like this one…ags

They come in larger sizes too, I'm not keen on traditional pannier bags as they aren't really designed to be carried about if you leave your bike and this bag means shopping is well balanced. That said I do my commute with a backpack as well.

My my bike is cheaper than the amount you are looking to spend, so I will leave experts in that price range to give you ideas. I'm reading your thread as if you are already doing this journey though, if philphil61 is right and you aren't please take care , my commute is half of that through a city and it's not always a smooth ride !
Maybe a hybrid bike half racing half mountain, good for city and trails and potholes, some think like this carerrera crossfire ,…001
Thanks so much, I have been cycling in London for a while and have been burnt a few times getting bikes second hand which is why I’m considering a new one this time. Will be doing some more research today. Tinkerbelian I am with you RE the panniers and will definitely considering the Roswheel system!
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