London eating tips

    Looking for ideas of places to eat when spending the weekend in London.
    Don't want to go crazy spending but at the same time i don't want to eat in McDonalds!!
    Any tips for buffet places or decent priced good food? I can find lots of lists but lack of reviews with them.
    Has anyone done the Garfunkels breakfast 2 for 10 quid?
    I've already been tipped to breakfast at Cafe Rouge in St.Katherine's Dock. (i'm staying close to Tower Bridge).
    Any ideas appreciated.


    there are a few voucher for pizza hut, pizza express, cafe rouge etc on the vouchers board - might be worth a look

    I love Massala Zone there are a few of them and often have offers.

    Try - they have some really good deals on in London at the moment.

    Random one, but check out Noodle King in Bethnal Green if you're passing... It's incredibly basic (wooden benches in a room!!) but the portions are absolutely huge, mega quick but really tasty! I can recommend the roast duck fried noodles... comes with beansprouts, onions, chestnuts etc and not greasy at all plus from memory it's less than £4 and arrives at the table in about 3 minutes!! Oh, and the place is full of coppers getting takeaways - been about 5 times and they're always in there!
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    Down new bond street there are a few places. In Camden you've got a great sushi place, bento cafe. As well as a great Lebanese Mezza Express. If you're after posh fast food then try out chillango in st Pauls. It's a burrito bar

    Check out Tayyabs for Indian food
    It is the best place in London for it
    Easy access just a few mins from algae east station and food is reasonably priced for London
    Or you can also try maedah grill which Is next to it

    go along to borough market, not far from where you will be. It's a food market but they always have hot food at various stalls.

    check out…php. if you can borrow a taste card off a friend you can get 50% at hundreds of restaurants. Even if you cannot borrow a card you can search for restaurants by the area you will be and if you click on that restaurant there are usually some reviews.

    Atariya is excellent for sushi and there is a take away near hyde park

    Be wary of brick lane and get recommendations, a lot of them are complete tosh.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, appreciate it!!

    how about Westfield? Some nice places to eat inside and out and you can do a bit of shopping while your there!
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