London Eye help please

    I am looking at a combined package of River Cruise and Eye Flight on

    When you book, you get a time for both the cruise and the flight. With having no experience with the Eye and Cruise, can somebody tell me how you get on the cruise and the flight for the time it says as all I know is that you have to queue and surely its just pot luck that you get through the queue on time, or is there a seperate queue or something.

    If you can help I would be really grateful!


    You will be fast-tracked if you pre-book. The cruize queues are not that big anyway, but depending on the day the eye queues can be rather long.

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    Thanks for the reply, off on Friday.

    Do I have to go to a reception when queueing for both things to get fast tracked?

    Do the eye first if the weather is good, then you can do the cruise :thumbsup:

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    Its a package deal where the cruise is first and then the eye

    I've actually just done what you have booked ajwposh!

    Basically you print off the booking confirmation, go to the entrance that is on the river side and just walk in the counter/desk you want is just to the right. You should see it as soon as you walk in.

    I went on the Saturday just gone and it was a very nice day, so it was packed. Trying to find the queue was bad enough! I think I waited for 25 minutes as I joined the queue behind the desk. You get your tickets for both the Cruise and Eye Flight at the same time (which is VERY handy!).

    Then you walk out the door you walked in, and the gate for entrance to the Cruise is just ahead of you.

    After that, you may have to do some more queuing I'm afraid! I think I waited a further 50 minutes until we got onto the Eye and it was the usual 30 minute flight.

    They did "fast track" us a bit by saying if your flight was before 1pm, then you could cut about 100 people out, but that was it.

    You won't be fast tracked anymore than that as you booked through You'd only get fast tracked if you paid full whack and bought everything through The London Eye themselves.

    As previously said, you should go on the cruise first and then the eye.

    From what I can remember, as my cruise was at 11:45, that is the time that was on both the Eye and Cruise tickets. So I don't think it matters when you go on the Eye as long as you don't go on it before the time and obviously on that day. However, I think it does matter on the Cruise as they only have 250 spaces. They scan your ticket, so you may not be allowed on at a different time.


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    Thanks for that, its a big help!

    We did this last October, went on the Eye first then the cruise. But, ours was with a company who organised everything including accommodation and travel to and from London.

    So, the previous poster has answered your questions for you but, I would like to add that it is a wonderfull experience and well worth it. We really enjoyed it and the views from the Eye are excellent. The commentary for the cruise was good too.

    Have a good day! :thumbsup:
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